The History of the Shot Ski - (Yes, it is pretty bad ass)

Alright, truth be told no one realllllly knows when the first person decided to line up a few of his friends and some shot glasses on the top of a ski for one grand, hoopla-infused moment. 

But that doesn't mean the stories we know of are any less interesting. 

The general consensus is that the shot ski as we know it today was first popularized by skiers in Austria (sorry Canada... we still love you). Back then, ski technology is nothing like it is today, with 12' wooden skis, leather boots, and wool jackets being the equipment de jour. Additionally, glue sticks and duct tape were not really a thing... like at all. 

So what did these ecstatic skiers do to celebrate after a long day on the slopes? We'll essentially they just balanced the shot glasses on top of their skis and relied upon skill and group coordination to get their drink of choice down the hatch! (Now honestly, how sweet is that!?!)

However, after many an unfortunate spill of quality 'liquid courage', people began to affix the shot glasses onto the ski. While this allowed more people to enjoy the shot ski, it also had the unintended consequence of making the shot ski un-skiiable and only beneficial in celebratory circumstances. 

The good news is that the shot ski is alive and well. If you have yet to hear, the record for world's longest shot ski was just broken in the 30th anniversary celebration of the Wasatch Brewery with 1,191 people taking a group shot! Now that is just beautiful.