Tips and Tricks for taking care of your Hot Shot Ski


So it looks like you've just joined the lucky few who enjoy taking shot ski destiny into their own hands! Well done. The snow God's themselves smile upon you and your good fortune. 

However, you may be wondering how best to take care of your new portable shot ski kit. If so, keep reading to learn a few 'best care' procedures. 

1. Room Temperature! - Making sure the ski, board, or other flat surface is at room temperature is a critical step when it comes to applying the lock-and-release pads! You don't like ice baths, so don't think the acrylic adhesive on the pads does. 

2. Pop, don't Twist! - Unlike other adhesive systems that might need to be twisted and prodded to hold together, the hot shot ski system only need to be pop straight into place. So stop squirming around and just apply direct pressure straight down on the shot glass!

3. Dishwasher Safe - We get it. Germs are gross. So go ahead and blast the glasses with a little heat and soap from your dishwasher! However, give them a little rest after pulling them out to keep them in good working condition for your next ski outing! 

... and that is about it. 

Now go charge on the slopes you party people! 

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