About us


Hey Hot Stuff!

We are HotShotSki.com, and we like several very specific things:
1) Shots
2) Skis
3) Shot skis (get the picture?) 

So, why the HotShotSki?

To answer that question we have to go back to where it all began. 

The first shot ski was actually invented by a young Austrian bodybuilder in the mid-1960’s by the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger... Okay, so that’s not true. But Arnold’s Austrian brethren are believed to have first invented the shot ski as a means to celebrate staying alive after skiing down a mountain with nothing but leather shoes and 12-foot planks of wood strapped to their feet!

However, the classic approach to creating a shot ski has required the use of glue, screws, and valuable time otherwise better spent skiing with friends.

So, now why the HotShotSki?

Because the HotShotSki kit easy to use, durable when it matters, and darn near instant to setup.

Originally developed and tested for extreme backcountry ski conditions, slap these babies onto your current setup and use the stainless-steel shot glasses to impress all your newfound friends.

Finally, a shot ski you can take anywhere.

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Wishing you all many great adventures!
-Alec and Brandon