HotShotSki - The durable, portable, party-on-a-ski Shot Ski Kit


The removable shot glasses allow for any ski, board, or flat surface to be instantly converted into a shot ski. The interlocking pads are super light and durable, allowing you to use the kit on your current setup without loss of performance. Finally, your shot ski is never more than a boot release away!

Shot Ski Kit Includes: 

4 x Stainless Steel Hot Shot Glasses

4 x Pairs of Advanced 3M(TM) Dual Lock(TM) Pads (Clear)

1 x Microfiber Stuff Sack (doubles as a goggle cleaner)

Key Attributes: 

* Instant Transformation: Pop On / Pop Off ... it's that simple.

* Super Light: Remove the shot glasses and forget the pads are there

* Weather Tested: Snow and water rated

* Low Profile: Pads won't slow you down

* BPA Free

* 304 Stainless (food grade)

Don't like to party with friends? (AKA Warranty)

* 14-day full refund no questions asked. All you need to do is ship it back to us.

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